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They made a scientific mistake in the movie by showing Edward's breath

Because, at least nobody can get their hands on the Predators' stuff. Predators should win because they are actually very experienced and competent fighters when comparable to the characters of Twilight, and there bladed weapons should be sufficient enough to hack and chop the limbs of the Vampires and Werewolves since a pair of Wrist Blades is sharp enough to slice open the side of an armored tank with 2 inches of steel plating.

Nautical twilight and dusk

Their weaponry should take them down, the Plasma Caster is super heated and basic fire damages Vampires. Other weaponry such as corrosive acids or the street busting gauntlet from AVP: 2 would also be effective. Please Log In to post. I couldn't agree more. I love science, but the difference between you and I is I know where it is useful and where it is not.

It is useless as a moral center, it cannot take the place of divinity. For those who 'sadly' don't believe such things, it usually does take the place of morality.

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So your center, and your morality change with every new study, or psychological fad. Clearly, we disagree. I'm not going to respond to all of this, because we're operating from two different epistemologies and we'll just spin around in circles. Plus I don't want to continue to derail the original conversation. The only thing I will say is that there's no such thing as "Judo-Christian" anything. I'm also Jewish. Jews have very different ways of talking about ethics--and that's recorded in the Talmud.

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  5. In fact, there's a Jewish saying that goes, "Put two Jews in a room and they'll come out with three opinions. I'm sorry, I did not want to derail the original conversation either but I'm just not going to let the person who is putting on intellectual airs get away with being so intellectually lazy. You have convinced yourself that there is 'no such thing as Judeo-Christian anything', and that 'Jews have very different ways of talking about ethics' precisely so you can maintain your moral relativity.

    It's an excuse; a lie to yourself that enables you to justify a life lived outside of those ethics. The Judeo-Christian ethic is an incredibly common concept based around the ethics that Jews and Christians have in common. Things that have been common for thousands of years; like the 10 commandments. To suggest this doesn't exist is again intellectually lazy, or dishonest. Don't feel too bad though you're doing that which is very common among the scientific community--you look for and skew evidence to justify your belief that morality is relative.

    It is not my friend. It stands as firm as the laws of science, both discovered and undiscovered and you live outside it to your own detriment. I would like to point out several observations, but I'm sure that at least some readers will find them to be biased. They probably are, admittedly. We all have biases, and to deny them is to make the problem worse.

    First: Anonymous, you often become personal and insulting in your arguments. This seems inappropriate. Second: I actually agree that science is without morals.

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    That's not to say that scientists are without morals; the argument is that scientific discovery itself has nothing to do with morals or religion. It is about finding the truth by falsifying untruths. How a black hole forms, or creating the periodic table, or exploring the process of evolution, have nothing to do with morals. If scientists have previous agendas or are viewing results from a moral or religious perspective, their conclusions are bound to be biased.

    A true scientist should accept the results of a study without personal bias. Third: Anonymous, you consistently argue that I am not an expert. You claim to know a lot about psychology. What are your credentials?

    I have been studying psychology for over twenty years. What credentials would you find acceptable as the criteria for expertise? For example, you claim that modern psychology says that cheating on your wife is good for a marriage.

    Twilight Saga

    Can you please provide some references for this? I have attended literally dozens of conferences and have never heard this hypothesis. Fourth: I do believe that censorship is wrong, so I would never argue that people should not be reading these books or any other books. We can always learn from books and ideas.

    As I said before, I also agree that parents are probably a stronger influence on children's beliefs than is media exposure. However, children do model what they see and read, and it would be useful for a parent and child to each read this book or any other book , then have a frank conversation about what can be learned from the common reading.

    Finally -- I'm sure that people will disagree with some of these points. Disagreement is good, as it continues the thought process of everyone involved. I would simply like to point out that respectful disagreement will be more enjoyable and intellectually stimulating for all parties.

    Thanks to both of you for reading and posting. I'm 19 years old and was in an abusive relationship for about 3 years we had a child together. I read the books before we met and when we would talk on my space he was like my Edward I would tell myself. After he would beat me I would say it again.

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    My mom wanted me to stay away and it made it seem like a romantic love story. But not any more him and his family are trying to take my son away from me and I now live in a homeless shelter. My abuser and I came down here on the back of a truck when we were 17 hoping for a better life but instead it was a nightmare. Also he new that my mom beat for 16 years and feed off of that as well.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Edinburgh Twilight (Ian Hamilton Mysteries #1) by Carole Lawrence

    No one deserves to be treated badly, and you are brave for getting away from your abuser both of them. I'm very sorry to hear that his family is now trying to take custody of your child. If you do get custody -- and I hope you do -- I know you will raise your son to treat all people with respect and kindness.

    I wish you all good things for your future. In the course of conversation with friends about a graphic that has been floating around the internet, pointing out that the relationship between Bella and Edward hits all 15 of the National Domestic Abuse Hotline's criteria for abuse, we dedcided that there was a need for an educational tool to go along with books and movies of this ilk.

    It would be naive to think that we could have books of this nature banned in any way, and doing so would actually compound the problem. To combat the issue, I decided to create a game of sorts though it's not nearly as flippant as it may sound at first blush , creating six bingo cards that use the criteria as spaces, to be used while reading or watching stories that impact young adults.

    The cards are available for anyone to use and share. I hope that this is a tool that can help someone - anyone - avoid the abuse many of us have faced. Thanks for your post! I love your "bingo cards. I might use this idea and your link in future lectures on campus. Thanks again! I know I'm a bit late to the party on this discussion; however, I have to disagree Come on.

    This is a book I don't particularly agree with you about Bella's low self esteem. She may have some insecurities if we were all truly honest with one another Those with low self esteems would steer clear of most people, especially vampires I'd imagine!