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The Mentor

Learn More. Community Partners Focused on People First In FY19, the Community Partners Program will focus exclusively on funding grant requests from c3 organizations to adopt person-first language. Learn more. Community Partners Agents of Change Our Community Partners program supports c3 organizations that deliver innovative care, promote service excellence and find new ways to enhance the lives of others.

Meet our Community Partners. About The Network. Featured Video. More Videos. Our Stories. Read our Stories. From Facebook Unable to display Facebook posts. Be careful and set and honor your boundaries Horrible workplace. I had been with this company almost six months. I had three different house managers because they all quit. You are worked like a dog with no recognition.

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The pay never changes. There is no room for advancement in this company. They will never give you time off no matter how many offers you put in.

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Dont work for rem. It needs to be shut down. REM Iowa is a terrible place to work. SO much conflict of interest, people treating other employees terribly.

The Mentor's Journey

It was a terrible job, you are constantly stress, management and supervisor positions are just filled to be filled; nobody wants to work at rem period. The people they hire steal, lie, treat people like straight garbage. I highly recommend you bring up these issues before you go for the job to see if they lie to your face. Terrible terrible. Working with the participants is challenging and rewarding. Being able to help make life better for someone that has a tbi is great.

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This company takes the participants out on a lot of fun outings too. Recent changes to staffing and management has made working here a lot better. Great place to work. Working there has been great so far. It seems like they have a good working system. I think the only improvement would be to offer better bennefits and something that makes more worth wild to work there.

Over all it is a great company. I would never work here again.

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  5. Management is terrible. They dont care about anything and will do whatever they want to save themselves and make them look better. They will literally hire anybody that won't do anything. The clients are the only reason I stay. Management I terrible, favortism is ridiculous.

    Will only semi respect you if you pick up tons of hours. Other than that you're basically a body to them. Management and higher ups are friends so not much gets done with complaints or worries. I love the people I served and there was a special connection with them, though the lack of pay advancement and physical and mental strain did begin to wear on me.

    Note the level of physical and mental strain drastically change from location to location.