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Romans Bible Study: How To Explain The Gospel

So ignoring flattens the reading of the book and misses the historical context. The first is that there are probably five house churches in Rome, evidently comprised of mostly slaves with a clear presence of female leaders. So we know the social context.

The origins of Paul’s letter

The churches were made up of perhaps mostly poor people. Second, Phoebe is the letter courier.

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It is unlikely that Paul hired a professional reader from Rome to read to a group of poor Christians in Rome, so it is highly likely that Phoebe read the letter aloud at least five times, once for each house church. So Paul spends a lot of time talking about the tension between the high- and low-status believers in Rome, who are almost certainly divided between gentile believers the Strong and Jewish believers the Weak.

Paul did not write this letter to get Romans saved. It is not an evangelistic letter. He wrote this letter to saved Christians to get them to eat together in peace, to live as siblings as Christ, not as enemies with one another. That may be where we get our radical emphasis on individualism.

18. Paul, the "People Person" (Romans 16)

So something happened in modernity that turned the volume up several notches toward individualism. When I noticed the abundance of the Old Testament and the interrogative form of those two chapters, and the absence of Old Testament Scripture and interrogative questions later, it made me realize that Paul talks to his fellow Jewish believers in a different way than he does to gentile believers. And that Paul talks to his audience in Romans 1 through 4 the same way he talks in through , so that is for the Jewish believers.

That tension is only resolved when they live in the Spirit and not in the flesh. Paul thinks in binary opposites: You either live in the flesh or you live in the Spirit. You either have been baptized and are alive in Christ and dead to sin, or you are unbaptized and alive to sin but dead in Christ. That is the mutual either-or that Paul wants to press upon both the Strong and the Weak. We are in a situation right now where progressives look at conservatives as deplorables, as hillbillies, as white trash.

The Bible Tells Me So

On the opposite side, conservatives see progressives as breaking down the tradition of America. They see them as abandoning the ways that made us who we are. The church has foolishly chosen to play the same game that the culture is playing right now, making the church indistinguishable from society — whether you want to talk about progressives or conservatives. That is not unlike the Weak and Strong problem that Paul talks about. The same-sex debate is a symptom of this: a politicized theological debate where people cannot talk to one another.

What Paul says can help us today: Treat one another as siblings, realize that we have differences, and our responsibility is to tolerate one another in our differences. Photos of the Week November 9, At a church forum, Elizabeth Warren says she is open to suspending deportations November 8, Death doulas guide the way for those who face the end of life November 8, Only faith in Jesus' death and resurrection can justify humanity and fulfill God's promise to create a covenant relationship with His people, the descendants of Abraham.

Through Jesus, God creates a new covenant family that includes Jews and gentiles who are unified as they love and forgive each other.

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Even though people continue to reject Jesus, God uses their rejection to expand His family and grow the Church. Prose Discourse,. Paul shows how Jesus created the new covenant family of Abraham through his death and resurrection and the sending of the Spirit. Read Scripture Part I.

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Gospel in Detail. It details the Gospel and describes how sinful humanity can be justified.

God's Righteousness. All humanity was trapped in sin.