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We all know what the black knight can do on the third rank and on the square d3 in particular. Remember Garry Kasparov's knight from the 16th game of the world championship match? How it tied up Karpov's pieces almost to the point of zugzwang? Karpov-Kasparov, Moscow , Game 16, after Volokitin aimed his knight at the same square, but didn't react well to Nielsen's novelty. When his horse leaped to d3, it was a losing blunder.

Volokitin spent only 21 minutes on his 17 moves before he resigned. Nc3 d5 4. Bf4 This line against the Grunfeld defense could be tricky and requires a precise reaction. White develops with speed. Bg7 5.


Rc1 dxc4 8. Bxc4 9. Nf3 Qxc5 Bb3 Nc6 Qa5 Qa6 The queen controls the diagonal a6-f1 and black is ready to make the white queen uncomfortable with Rf8-d8. Avrukh recommends the natural Bf5 only, which leads to complications after Ng5 e5 Bh2 Rad8 Qb3 Rdf8 with roughly equal chances. The swashbuckling exchange sacrifice Qe2 Ne4 Nd5 [The currently fashionable After Nxc6 Qb6 Ncxe5 Be6 Bxe6 Qxe6 Qc2 f5 black has a good game and scored well from this position. Qe1 Solid and reasonable.

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The aggressive It could get hairy: Nxd5 Bxc1 Qxc1 Nb4 Qc5 [ Is stronger] Qxe7 Bf5 Qxe7 Nxd5 Bxd5 Rxd5 Flushing out the black king. Kxh6 [or Kf6 Qxf7 Kh6 Qg7 h6 Qe7 Qd8 Qe2 In these lines, you need to know your stuff inside out. One of the most important variations to understand in the Grunfeld Defense is the Exchange Variation. It arises after the moves 1.

Nc3 d5 4. Especially the Exchange Variation with Bc4 and Ne2 is a strong setup for White to defend the pawn on d4 and to keep a huge center. Generally speaking, Black has two strategies in the Exchange Variation:. Due to the defined pawn structure early in the game, Black has a potential passed pawn on the queenside. The Taimanov Variation of the Grunfeld Defense starts after the moves 1. Black does not need to know too much theory here, but he should be familiar with the most important concepts and ideas in order to get a good position from the opening.

The 4. Bf4-Variation starts after the moves 1. In the following, you can see how to play against this chess opening setup with Black. The Russian System in the Grunfeld Defense starts after the moves 1. This is an aggressive setup for White and Black needs to be familiar with the theory here. One advantage for Black is that he has several good systems to choose from and White has to be able to cope with plenty of different pawn structures in different variations. Black can decide the course of the game here. The 5. However, it is frequently played and therefore should be analyzed separately.

White falls behind in development in this line and Black is fine if he strikes back in the center quickly. Bd2 line offers White a solid center and there are more pieces on the board than in the Exchange Variation. This usually favors the side with the big center.

The Grunfeld Defense 🎓 Chess Openings with GM Damian Lemos

However, in this line, White moves his bishop on d2 twice and plays h3, so he is likely to fall behind in development. Moves like …e5 and …f5 can be considered in order to open the position up. The variations with g3 1. The g3-systems usually lead to positional struggles. This system arises after the moves 1. Black can answer the move 3. Alternatives are:. You can watch their approaches against different opening setups and become familiar with the latest trends, fashionable move orders or opening novelties. Here are the two greatest games which probably have been played in the Grunfeld Defense.

Finally, in mid, bored of playing the English over and over again, I decided to return to my first love, the Queen's Pawn Openings. Playing 1. All the systems that I tried to prepare against them were highly theoretical because so many books and articles were written on them and so many games were played with these lines. With so many equal lines, there was no point in having just one system.

People would come thoroughly prepared and I would have to forget about an opening advantage. So I usually prepared for one game at a time, changing systems constantly.

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For example, after 1. In general my strategy worked pretty well and my opponents did not know what I would come up with and could not prepare accordingly. But deep within I had this nagging nomadic feeling and I wanted to find a system that I could bank on. If you play two rounds per day you do not have much time to prepare and I felt I should be able to play something solid yet at the same time ambitious without any pre-game preparations.

That's surely an exaggeration", I said to myself and I wouldn't have spent even a minute more on it had it not been for the picture of Marin on the cover. I worked for many hours with this DVD. And now I would like to share my experience with the readers.

Chess Explained: The Grünfeld

There is no definite answer to this question and there cannot be. Thus, after 1. Nc3 d5 Marin recommends the main line with 4. Black now continues with Bg7 and we get the following position. In this position Marin recommends two moves: 7. Nf3 and 7. However, after 7. Nf3 c5 he recommends 8. Be3 anyway. Hence, my suggestion would be to start with 7.

Be3 as that gives you much more flexibility. In fact, after 7. Now Black usually plays Qa5 and this is also the move Marin looks at. But in my first training game with this line my opponent surprised me with Bg4 after which I was kind of clueless. The point to note here is that after Bg4 9. Rc1 , Black usually plays Qa5 and we transpose to a line Marin covers. However, instead of Qa5 Black can also play Bxf3 and we reach the game Caruana-Areshschenko, , and a line Marin does not consider. Which shows how much flexibility Black has after White's eighth move: He can sometimes play Bg4, sometimes Qa5, sometimes Nc6, sometimes But let's come back to the positions after White now has to play 9.

Qd2 and now Black usually plays Now starts the best part of the DVD.