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En comparaison, le Brexit pourrait presque passer pour un jeu d'enfant. Randolph de Battista est maltais. Log in to access content and manage your profile. If you do not have a login you can register here. No shortage of suspects in drama over how EU should be governed. Charles Michel will be the second European Council president from his small country.

Tweets do the talking as nominee for Commission president visits EU capital.

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The U. Court backs decision to make TV channel only available for paying customers. The country is under fire for a slate of judicial reforms by ruling Law and Justice party. The next prime minister might be a centrist. His party is anything but. Surprise candidate for Commission chief plays to a friendly crowd first. How Macron, Merkel, Michel and more fared in power struggle. The January attacks and the debate on deprivation of citizenship in France, in John Bowen, ed.

How did the Administrative Court of Paris deal with what was perceived as a massive increase in immigration litigation? The introduction of a new category of administrative decision intensified the use of managerial instruments. This article ultimately shows how changes to legal procedures can turn into powerful tools for transforming immigration policy by lowering the political costs of such a transformation.

The procedural changes generated conflicts about the role that administrative courts should assume in French immigration policy. Book chapters.

Questions et Entretiens d'Europe

Incentives for Cooperation? I argue that, although central to most accounts of negotiations on migration and externalization in general, and on readmission in particular, the image of funding as an incentive is misleading. Indeed, financial incentives are usually taken for granted, in the discourses of practitioners and analysts alike, who concentrate on the evaluation of their effectiveness. Financial incentives, although omnipresent, are rarely examined in detail: analyses typically mention some highly publicized funded projects before dismissing financial incentives as insufficient in favour of a focus on non-financial incentives.

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This paper proposes to examine financial incentives in more detail, based on the analysis of the EU-Morocco negotiations on readmission. It shows that the reality of financial incentives is in fact difficult to grasp. First, because identifying incentives in EU budgets is not always straightforward. Second, because the principle of using financial incentives is in itself contentious among Member States.

Third, because for the actors in charge of negotiations find it difficult to obtain and mobilize finances as incentives. De-EUropeanising European Borders. EU-Morocco negotiations on migrations and the decentring agenda in EU studies This chapter builds on the existing critique of International Relations IR and security studies The purpose is to identify specific ways through which this agenda can be implemented. This chapter also tries to further this agenda by examining how the ideas and suggestions this agenda proposes can converge with research on migration policies and border control, which are precisely concerned with the varying definitions of borders and unequal, asymmetric mobilities.

First, I will examine how the decentring agenda intersects with the study of EU migration policies, including its implications for developing research strategies. Costa et F. Southern Europeans in France: Invisible Migrants? France fared relatively well at the start of the current economic crisis, but has experienced low As a result it has been a less popular destination with Southern Europeans and EU migrants in general in search of economic opportunities. Although their numbers have increased and represent a growing proportion of recent flows to France, they remain low compared to numbers observed in Germany and the UK.

Despite this statistical reality, EU mobility and more generally the role of the EU in economic and social policy have been at the forefront of debates in France since the start of the s, thus well before the start of the crisis. These debates have focused on two populations — the Roma and posted workers — with both groups being portrayed as threats to the French welfare state.

Although posted workers are not migrants, according to official EU definitions, their characteristics and experiences are similar to other groups of temporary migrant workers. Southern Europeans account for an increasing number of posted workers, and although they have not been the primary nationalities targeted in discussions concerning this issue, the debates and policy changes introduced in the recent years concern them as well.

Moreover, we argue that the focusing of political debates on other populations in France has contributed to the relative invisibility of Southern European immigrants in this country. Although the European political space has been extensively explored, research has remained all to This dictionary brings a new angle to scholarship on Europe by systematically investigating its actors: those who work within the institutions or in close contact with them; those who are the targets of European policies; those in the name of whom reforms are carried out; those who promote Europe and those who oppose it.

It showcases a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach that bridges the usual separation between the European Union and the Council of Europe.

Les transformations de la responsabilité politique dans l'Union Européenne - Persée

In each entry, contributors selected among the leading specialists in their fields of research present the state of the art and the most current research perspectives on European actors. Students, teachers and researchers with an interest in Europe will find this volume to be a valuable work of reference and a source of new and stimulating ideas and perspectives on Europe.

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Or la politique de recherche communautaire n'a pas toujours fait l'objet d'un consensus. Un travail de mobilisation. Et puis c'est une ouverture d'esprit pour un chercheur de faire un peu autre chose. La construction d'un cadre intellectuel et normatif. Une conception fonctionnelle du pouvoir et de l'action publique. Une double remise en cause du projet bruxellois.

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