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And then I breathe you deeply in Till my throat is clogged and my vision blurred; My heart straining against my ribs I let you course through my veins In a firework of colours, brilliant, pulsating, Through and through me Fuelled by the pure blue flame of futility. Do you know what I do With these images of you?

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So you see You'll do. You'll do for now. The prominence of Interfaith Movements is another strategy to dethrone Christ.

All of these initiatives have one thing in common and that is to take our focus off Jesus. The reason you and I need Jesus as our central focus in everything we do, is that we cannot trust ourselves to make decisions without Him. How then can we trust ourselves or others without the steady and guiding Hand of God in our lives?

Our focus will determine our path. Where our eyes and hearts are focused will ultimately determine our direction and destination. South Africa is already in election mode.


That means deception will increase exponentially as we move closer to Election Day. Every politician will suddenly become the staunchest Christian fighting for Christian values and defending the Name of Jesus. They will show up in churches lamenting the moral collapse of our nation and promising to restore Biblical morality to save our nation from impending doom and chaos. Tragically, the very politicians who will use the things of God to woo the Christian vote, are the ones responsible for the state of our nation.

Over the past five years in Parliament most of these leaders advanced a philosophy that is blatantly anti-family, anti-Christian and anti-God. When election time comes around, they simply transform themselves into paragons of virtue and strut around deceiving whomever they will. But evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. Deceivers open themselves to deception literally becoming ambassadors of the father of lies — the devil.


Let No One Deceive You

Keeping our focus on Jesus amidst the prevailing toxic environment of lies and deception is like the captain of a ship at sea sailing in total darkness. He knows he has to keep his gaze locked on the lighthouse to prevent his vessel from running aground.

Let No One Deceive You (Dave Van Ronk sings Bertolt Brecht)

When you feel like a ship lost at sea in total darkness, Jesus Christ the Son of the living God is your most faithful source of light. If you steadfastly keep your eyes on Jesus - the Light of the world — there is no fear of losing your way despite the darkness and the storms of life. Jesus Christ is the only real true guarantee against the lies and deception of the world system.

Frankie Armstrong, Dave Van Ronk: Let No One Deceive You: Songs of Bertolt Brecht

Make sure you never take your eyes off Him, whatever the circumstances. For years now, deceit has been an institutional norm in facilities across the VA.

He lines his pockets when opportunities arise, and gets ahead of domestic rivals by craft and deceit. But these two pillars of support for lethal injection have always been based on a form of deceit. Let him keep his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no deceit.

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In the worst form, this appears as deceit ; in the best, as tact.