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Avery, M. Courtney, B. NewsBusters " First generation ethanol I think was a mistake. The energy conversion ratios are at best very small. Xavier, M. Goklany, Ph. Science and Policy Analyst, U. Trisko, B. Economics, J. Yale University But much of South America, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe, along with Alaska, California, Oregon, Idaho and several New England states, would actually increase their mercury emissions by making the switch from incandescent to fluorescent lighting.

CBC News has found that in some cases compact fluorescent bulbs CFLs can have the adverse effect of increasing greenhouse gas emissions, depending on how consumers heat their homes.

Friday, April 4, 2008

In fact, a recent report by BC Hydro estimates new lighting regulations will increase annual greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia by 45, tonnes annually as consumers use more energy to heat their homes after switching to more energy efficient - but cooler - lighting. Kawanabe is not saying anything new, but he is saying something that is either ignored or has yet to sink in with electric enthusiasts.

They go even less far if they go fast. They go even less far if they contain passengers or any significant cargo. Or if it is very cold.

Overcoming the Resource Curse

Or if it is very hot. We've been getting the low end of the electric-only range, usually between 23 and 28 miles, undoubtedly due to this winter's deep freeze. The car's electric range is very susceptible to cold weather, primarily because the heater runs on electricity. We also found that an extended highway cruise shortens the electric range. Edmunds wrote: It takes the Prius a shocking The Lexus RX h takes a whopping Lehr, Ph.

Boone Pickens 'Swiftboating' America? Boone Pickens wants your water The Examiner T.

We plant far more trees than we harvest each year. Wood is in ample supply Source - U. Forest land area increased from million acres in to in U. Forest Service - Since the s, timber growth has consistently exceeded harvest U.

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Forest Service - We are not running out of landfill space. All the garbage we will generate in the next 10 centuries will require less than 35 square miles to a height of only feet Source - Landfills are no longer a threat to the environment or public health. State-of-the-art landfills, with redundant clay and plastic liners and leachate collection systems, have now replaced all of our previously unsafe dumps Source - Landfills can be excellent neighbors, contributing wonderful parklands and golf courses to our communities Source It's OK to Throw it Away: Tell Your Kids Roy E.

Cordato, Ph. Jay Lehr, Ph.

Globalization and Global Justice by Nicole Hassoun

Cohen Ph. Plastic bag threat to sea life 'exaggerated' News. Michaels, Ph. Bradley, Jr. Gordon, Ph. Fox, Ph. These vehicles are purchased not by witless, conspicuous-consumption status slaves but rather, for the most part, by rational adults.

Source - The emissions from a new midsize SUV are cleaner than those of the average passenger car built just three years ago. Source - All the cars and light trucks in the U. What Bird Kills? Think Again U.

The Anti "Green" Energy Resource

Population Biology, M. Why should I pay extra? Wind energy costs more to produce than conventional energy. Will my current electricity bill be affected by my New Jersey Wind purchase? Yes, by signing up for this product, your electric bill will increase.

State Fragility and Electoral Reforms in Lesotho. About this book Introduction This book describes the contrast between the strong economic growth and democratization that have occurred in Africa and its stalling political progress.

September 13, 12222

Following the examination of the drivers of fragility and the impact of fragility on citizens and neighbouring states, the book discusses capacity building approaches. This part shows how effective states can be built on the African continent, a process that would result in a change from state fragility to state resilience.

It is based on lessons learnt from close studies of the nations where the state has been most developed in the region, in Eastern and Southern Africa. The book provides and responds to the most recent and up-to-date information on African development and uses insights of people who have lived and worked in the continent for most of their lives.

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