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Leaving his dear family behind, Makoto rolls up and enters the school on the day of the entrance ceremony, but oddly falls unconscious. When he awakes, Makoto finds himself trapped inside the school with fourteen other Ultimate students and informed by the headmaster, the fiendishly two-faced bear Monokuma, that the only way out is to murder another student and not be found out.

Each spin of the barrel follows a similar pattern of gameplay, divided up between the peaceful, idyllic Daily Life, and the murder investigations and suspicion of Deadly Life. Taking a first person perspective, you roam about the school exploring through the areas that gradually open up with story progression. Investigations typically involve exploring the crime scene and other key areas for clues as you try to piece together the events of the murder to take into the class trial.

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This may seem quite easy, and while you can figure out the culprit during the investigation later cases insert red herrings and other goings on to make you think again and lead you down the wrong path. As you follow the dialogue you have to point out contradictions in testimony and present evidence, directing the trial to its conclusion.

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Tanalilt tanalilt wrote in egl , - 04 - 24 Tanalilt tanalilt egl - 04 - 24 Previous Share Next. Healthy Lolita Lifestyle Hey, everyone!

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I recently started a tumblr focusing around the idea of living a healthy lifestyle as a lolita, which I will link to with mod permission. So my question to you is - how do you stay healthy while still in your frills? Do you have favorite sports, foods, etc. PS - hopefully this doesn't post more than once - Chrome seemed to want to delete my post every time I tried posting, but it may have gone through anyway.

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