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This material is protected under all copyright laws, as they currently exist. No portion of this material may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the publisher. Download Preface. New works have been added to the discussion in many chapters to enhance and enrich what is said in the text.

Prehistoric Art is now global in scope, the early nineteenth century has been incorporated into the chapter containing the eighteenth century to avoid breaking up the discussion of Neoclassicism and Romanticism, and the last two chapters now break at Some examples include discussions of the Rosetta stone, the Riace bronzes, and the Sutton Hoo find. Every chapter now opens with a Learn About It feature key learning objectives and ends with a corresponding set of Think About It assessments that probe back to the objectives and help students think through and apply what they have learned.

A new series of maps enhances the clarity and accuracy of the relationship between the art discussed and its geographical location and political affiliation. The new Closer Look feature in every chapter encourages more careful looking by means of annotated leader lines that draw attention to specific details in a work related to iconographic identifications, as well as stylistic observations or indications of use or patronage.

Recovering the Past boxes document the discovery, restoration, or conservation of works of art. Several chapters have been reorganized for greater clarity and coherence. Prehistoric Art is now global in scope, the early nineteenth century has been incorporated into the chapter containing the eighteenth century to avoid breaking up the more logical progressions in the history of the art, and the last two chapters now break at Keyed to MyArtsLab resources that enrich and reinforce student learning.

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Every chapter now has an Object Speaks that allows for an in-depth treatment of a work of art. More colorized line art and 3D renderings of architectural landmarks. Throughout, images have been updated whenever new and improved images were available. Completely rewritten, the introduction orients students to the process and nature of art historical investigation that underlies and, in essence, produced the historical narrative of the text itself. Extensive revisions reflect the most current scholarship and broaden scope to global coverage.

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Key sections of the chapter rewritten to accommodate up-to-date interpretations, with new objects included. Thorough reworking of Stonehenge incorporates new thinking about the monument and landscape. New chapter opener with Stele of Naramsin sets the stage for the chapter material. An historical photograph with a view of the guardian figures from the Citadel of Saragon II places the monument in context. Treatment of key monuments expanded.

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Historical and contextual material reduced to allow for richer discussions of the works of art. Sphinx moved from the Introduction to this chapter.

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  • New images include stele of the sculptor, Userwerand statue of Queen Karomama in Louvre. By looking at the history of artistic expression and perspective from ancient times up to the present, you're inherently learning new ways to express yourself, whether visually or simply in your speech or thoughts. Reflecting on what's come before you will never steer you wrong when you're trying to make a decision or come up with a solution to any one of life's myriad problems.

    Not only is the study of art a way to build one's own visual vocabulary and think outside the box, but it can also help improve your understanding of history in general. So much art has been made about politics, revolution, war, and historical figures.


    If reading a history textbook doesn't sound like your ideal method of learning about the past, consider looking at art from the period instead. There's always more to learn. Melissa Harr is a language-obsessed writer from Chicagoland who holds both a bachelor of arts and master of arts in English. Although she began as a TEFL teacher, earning several teaching certificates and working in both Russia and Vietnam, she moved into freelance writing to satisfy her passion for the written word.

    Along with an extensive knowledge of tools, home goods, and crafts and organizational supplies, she has ample experience okay, an obsession with travel gear, luggage, and the electronics that make modern life more convenient.

    Ezvid Wiki Reviews Books: Textbooks. The 10 Best Art History Books. The Art Museum. Endless Enigma: Eight Centuries Art: A World History. History and Art for the Traveler. Helpful list of sites to see Humorous and engaging writing Some find it too political. Brief artist bios Inspires further study Small pages make images hard to see.

    Bestselling Series

    Publisher Abrams Ship Weight 2. The Collins Big Book of Art. Explores themes throughout the ages Sizable reference section Reads a bit like a textbook at times. Publisher Collins Design Ship Weight 4. About a thousand pages long Divided into galleries and rooms May be overwhelming to some.

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    Publisher Phaidon Press Ship Weight Starts from the 12th century Examines connections across time May not be appropriate for all ages. Graphics enhance learning experience Includes glossary of terms Clear and informative writing. Publisher DK Ship Weight 2. Accessible and not overly academic Bold and colorful layout Includes only one female artist.

    Publisher Koster Thomas Ship Weight Over 2, Works from Cave to Contemporary.

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    Features thematic galleries Practical historical overviews Never too dull nor stuffy. Gombrich's The Story of Art. Eminent and widely respected author Edition has undergone updating Boasts six foldouts. Publisher Phaidon Press Ship Weight 3. Gardner's Art through the Ages.

    We encourage students to use this opportunity to engage in the ongoing conversation about pedagogy and current issues affecting students today. Please contact us at info arthistorytr. Interference Archive is a volunteer-run space in Brooklyn centering the cultural production that emerges from social movements through an open stacks archival collection, exhibitions, and events. The course […]. But this myth, which Linda S. This method expands upon the traditional ways in which art and artists are shared with students.

    Author: Katherine Tsan. Author: Rhonda Kessling. Author: Gabriel Alkon. Assignment Digital Humanities. Author: Naraelle Hohensee.