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Please have an eye on your data plan. It's not intended to search out new or unknown players. The FBI realizes that it has to keep the operation quiet. Once again, Vail is the perfect man, along with Kate Bannon, who would be anyone's first pick for help on an impossibly dangerous case.

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But finding the traitors isn't going to be easy. In fact, it's going to be downright deadly. And if the Bricklayer survives, he will have to come up with a few tricks of his own. Review: From the outset of this book where Kate Bannon, Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI, is nearly killed by noxious gas from her own vehicle, the storyline caught my attention. Kate has decided to move on without her life without Steve Vail, who she partnered up with during the Pentad Investigation, and got a nice promotion out of it.

Kate is forced into making several choices and decisions in this book, especially when she is named as a spy and traitor for the Russians. When Steve Vail, a former FBI agent, now Bricklayer and person most responsible for stoping a group known as Pentad in it's tracks 6 months previously, arrives in DC, he is suddenly thrown into several investigations. And here all he was supposed to be doing is going to a New Years Eve Party with Kate, who told him to stay home!

Review: I honestly like Noah's writing style and the character of Steve Vail. There are plenty of twists and turns, and you're not really sure who the bad guy is until nearly the end of the book. Boyd is also a former FBI agent, so he knows the ins and outs of the department. Vail has the determination of a pitbull when it comes to solving cases.

His interaction with Kate Bannon, however, leaves lots to be desired. He seemingly can't trust anyone, and hates authority figures with a passion. The only reason he helps the FBI in this book is because Kate is nearly killed. Vail, and Lucas interactions are nicely written and they make alot of sense. The banter between them is a condition that they actually trust each other explicitly with each others safety.

Trying not to give too many secrets away and still rate this story is a bit unusual to me. Steve travels from DC to Chicago attempt to find out more information about the spies. Then flies to Miami where he finds unusual help from the CIA after discovering that the FBI has missed a bunch of spies still unaccounted for. The ending I will leave alone, except to say, we shouldn't get our hopes up that Vail and Kate will be happily ever after.

Mar 10, Mekerei rated it really liked it. Unfortunately he called back to Moscow and Steve and Kate have to use the clues left to track these traitors. The clues are cryptic and as soon as they unearth a traitor, they are killed before they can be questioned. This book is frantic, the plot is complex and Steve Vail gives Jack Reacher a run for his money. Feb 25, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobook. Boyd returns with another exciting installment in his Bricklayer series for lack of a better name , that equals, if not tops, the last one.

Full of even more intrigue and drama, the book practically sells itself with its plot and character development. While it did have some cheesy moments in the dialogue, the story more than made up for it. While the story Boyd returns with another exciting installment in his Bricklayer series for lack of a better name , that equals, if not tops, the last one.

While the story is nothing unique and the characters are nothing out of left field, the entire book comes together so well and the story is so well done that it cannot really be compared to anything else in its genre. It is sad, in a way, as I was just getting to like and enjoy the characters and the storylines, which wove some interesting tales. That said, this brief journey into the world was a decent one and well worth the invested time, should the reader have a spare week or two.

Kudos, Mr. You wrote some great stuff and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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May your estate not go the way of Robert Ludlum and let some second rate writer try to fill your shoes. Feb 25, Sally Gawne rated it really liked it. As I did not read his first book, this is my thought of where Bricklayer came from. He was a disenchanted FBI agent and rules got in his way of doing his job effectively. Therefore, Steve Vail becomes a nomad with the skill of an office of the law but none of the stops. Despite this, it does stand on its own without having read the first book. Kate Banning starts the story as someone who knows something or has something someone wants.

The first pages get you hooked. You do not have to wait until page to get into this story. The story moved up, down, and sideways. When you think that is it, something else pops up to grab your attention. The book is very readable. The cover is quite eye catching and would make a great Mark Valley movie! Feb 18, Larry rated it it was amazing. This is Noah Boyd's second book. Boyd is an excellent writer with many twists and turns in the plot and story line that require the unique abilities of Steve Vail. I really have enjoyed these books and am anxiously awaiting the next book.

The books combines international spy story lines, FBI and government moles, bad FBI leadership and a few other things. He is also a pretty impressive "maverick" in how he comes up with solutions to the problems he is faces with. Very ingenious stuff. Highly recommend this author and his books. Feb 04, Christine bonner rated it it was amazing. This is the second book by Noah Boyd and sadly the last as he died not long after the book came out The book is all so call Agent X , the first book is called the Bricklayer Steve Vail was a FBI agent but he got fired twice is now a bricklayer and does sculptures that no one sees.

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Steve is than ask to help with a Russian agent that can This is the second book by Noah Boyd and sadly the last as he died not long after the book came out The book is all so call Agent X , the first book is called the Bricklayer Steve Vail was a FBI agent but he got fired twice is now a bricklayer and does sculptures that no one sees. Steve is than ask to help with a Russian agent that can identify traitors leaking government intelligence, it now a race to see who can get to the moles before the Russians do, plus he has left clues to who is next there is lots of twist and turns with this book and it a shame that we wont get to read any more The story, the plot, the characters and the ending.

So, I jumped directly into Agent X. Again everything was satisfying, the book is a success. Some of the jumps from clue to solution were hard for me to follow. But the constant twists and turns were part of the charm of the main characters.

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There are few slow interludes in these pages. You will need to have a lot of energy to keep up with the action. But it is worth the ride Ted Feb 26, Harvey rated it it was ok. This is a "sophomore slump" book. The first book in the series was much stronger. Many moments were unrealistic and many continuity errors almost had me throwing the book against the wall. I will hesitate to read more from this author.

Mar 25, Jane rated it it was ok Shelves: spy. Mar 15, Marilyn rated it it was ok Shelves: detectiveficton , thriller , adultfiction.

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I won't be reading any more of these. Jul 19, Bookworm LLC rated it really liked it. Sequel to "the Bricklayer" - another excellent FBI thirller. Aug 27, Lisa rated it it was ok. This was an odd book for me. There were parts I was mildly interested in, parts that somewhat irritated me and parts that bored me.