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They have never bothered to learn. They think sex is just about the insertion of a penis into a vagina All good things in life take work. Just like you need to hit the gym if you need to get a six pack an you need to study to pass exams, you also need to work at sex if you want to be a beast in bed Bigmillz.

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Going by these 5 den I'm not a beast in bed Pardon me for blowing my trumpet,but l've turned ''nuns'' to nymphs. Adasun : beast If any gal c beast for bed,no be to tear race Bro no offence, but how old are you.


Am definitely on track then. What if all she does is scream almost everytime too loud to make you thank goodness you dont have neighbours close? As I never kuku bleep babe before make I kuku dey dis thread dey read comments. Na 10 go always start am. Na 10 go always start am I dey read book since ni jawe, I come say make I fire nairaland small I will see to it egbon. Purpletee : am a beast You need to study your woman also to find those things that get her crazy!

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Is not only by insertion once you are patience enough to foreplace and is as wet as the word wet, dip your hands into her mouth and feel how cold it is then I think you have succeeded in putting in on fantasy speed then you can pound for all I care! My ex was all over me till she got married! Until now she chats me up and asks for some rounds. I'm a virgin now.

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Thebachelor : Going by these 5 den I'm not a beast in bed I believe you brother but just don't let me sight you near Scooby. That's my female canine else na chopping tinz ooo.

FlySly05 : I believe you brother but just don't let me sight you near Scooby. Lol Lol, brother rule 5; thy shall not toast a brother's punteh. I'm loyal to the brother's code bro Thebachelor : Lol, brother rule 5; thy shall not toast a brother's punteh. Nice one brother.

How To Be A Beast In Bed – What To Do During Sex (Pt. 4)

Loyal to the Bro Code. Snowprince : Bro no offence, but how old are you bros no vex but i think ur bucal cavity stil contains milk teeth. Wot are they doing in dat picture. Almost effortlessly, the answers to your questions occur naturally.

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    How Running Helps You to Be A Beast In Bed

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